Rembrandt van Rijn Self Portrait
Self-Portrait as
an Apostole

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Rembrandt House Museum
Provides a virtual tour of Rembrandt's house, which has been refurbished and turned into a Museum.

WebMuseum: Rembrandt
Good introduction to this famous Dutch painter divided into periods of his life and illustrated with his works.

Artcyclopedia: Rembrandt van Rijn
Guide to 50 art museum sites and image archives where the works of Rembrandt can be viewed online.

Art Gallery of Rembrandt's Paintings
A collection of some of Rembrandt's most famous prints and paintings.

Rembrandt Myself
A look at Rembrandt's self portraits. The works in this exhibit were chosen to show the development of Rembrandt's style from his early days in Leiden to his last days in Amsterdam.

Olga's Gallery of Rembrandt 
Comprehensive collection with almost 200 images of Rembrandt's works along with some historical notes and a biography.

Connecticut College's Wetmore collection: Rembrandt etchings
Visual Resources Library's online archive of select artist's etchings.

Rembrandt Prints
Discusses prints, drawings, and etchings and includes his biography and a special feature on self portraits.

Rembrandt at The Worldwide Art Gallery
A biography with a short chronology of important dates, as well as a selection of his works.

CFGA: Rembrandt
Image archive with over 30 of his paintings or prints, as well as a short biography.

Starspage - Rembrandt
Featuring a short biography and art gallery.

MSN Learning & Research: Rembrandt
Encyclopedia article provides an overview of the painter's life and works.

Online research library, links to full texts of articles and information on Rembrandt.

Rembrandt Computer Desktop Wallpaper
High-quality wallpaper at multiple resolutions.

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